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This particular type of waterfall reminds me of a beautiful Victorian garden landscape. The comforting waterfall looks very relaxing as well. The landscape shows a revolutionary body of water circling around a private rocky island of any desired object you wish to put on. Whether it's a piece of pottery or perhaps a desired plant, still portrays a strong symbolic meaning of the substance behind its waterfall masterpiece. The only negative aspect about having this, is to not allow children wander around otherwise an accident can surely happen. To maintain its beauty, it's best to change water filter once in a while. This particular type of pond reminds me of a Chinese Dynasty era landscape. This soothing pond gives its owners an environment of tranquility. Benefits of having such a pond installed in the backyard is to provide a better sense of mother nature's beauty and to reflect back on distant memories while walking around the pond too! The downside to having this pond is that it may be easy to slip and cause an accident. Fortuantely, the pond is reasonably shallow and would not imply a threat for those who cannot swim. Thank goodness!