Specifics About Computer Science

Below are lists of careers pertaining to Computer Science. My top three recommendations in no particular order are; 1) Web developer, 2) Computer Programmer, and 3) Information Security Analyst. At this stage, I am qualified as a Web Developer. However, I would need at least a Bachelor's Degree to be considered in the other two fields. After a few years or so, I want to consider a better paying job in the industry.

Careers available in Computer Science:

  1. Web developing; click here for information
  2. Computer Programming; click here for information
  3. Information Security Analyst; click here for information

Other information

  1. Range of salaries in the field; list URL for information
  2. Areas in the United States that have the best computer jobs; click here for information
  3. Cost of living for computer job areas in the United States; click here for information

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