Computer Science

Hello viewers! My name is Lance Menor, and welcome to my website. I am here to discuss the importance on why I chose Computer Science as my college major. I chose to major in this area because I have a passion working with software related topics. I enjoy experimenting a broad area of computer arrays, which ranges from computer programming to web developing. As computers revolve around us, it's easier to live out our lives as well. Let's face it; the activities that we do depend on computer technology. Facebook is a social phenomena, iOS and Android operating systems are establishing the focality of user friendly agendas, and the Internet itself helps an individual meet his/her expectations. It is safe to say that computer technology is becoming more powerful as we speak. So the question I ask myself is why not work with computers while getting paid to do so? After all, I could be working with computers for free, right? This is what I love to do. I am currently studying HTML and C++ programming at San Joaquin Delta College to further my knowledge on computers. All I wish for is to work somewhere close to home. Therefore, I could care less about gas money and more on net pay!

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