Help the Earth - Recycle

It is time for our annual recycling drive! Recycling means taking a product or material at the end of its useful life and making it a usable raw material to make another product. We have been very successful with paper and plastic products. Last year, we recycled more items than our previous three years. Let's try to do it again this year. We will have a dinner for everyone involved with the recycle drive on Saturday night. We hope to see you all there!

About Recycling

Recycling is what is known for converting material waste into reusable material. This process helps out by preventing potential waste to the public, such as reducing air pollution. In other words, a car battery should not be left out in the open after usage, otherwise its hazardous element of Mercury can adapt to air pollution. If that is the case, then people will inhale the hazardous element into their systems, thus causing health problems. Therefore, the goal is to stop tossing out items that we can use again and again. It costs far less to recycle materials than it does to create new ones. As the technology offered improves those methods it becomes more cost effective and less time consuming for recycling efforts to be successful too. There are various categories within the recycling system. These include aluminum, computer, glass, plastic, and of course paper recycling. Recycle these materials to help reduce costs and provide a stable and healhty environment for everyone and everything!


From a personal standpoint, I am a tech savvy person which I have many electronic materials lying around in my house. I would search the web if there are any local areas where I can donate my electronics to perhaps, a computer center. There is no mandatory deadline for recycling materials, as the time to do so is on any availabilty that you choose fit! Perhaps, it would be wise to take initiative when you have a stack of hazardous materials that is lying in a crowded area. Also, take into perspective that a vast amount of people need these types of junk for research purposes or even as personal belongings. After all, there is a say that goes, "One man's junk is another man's treasure!" There are various recycling bins scattered throughout your local areas. If you are unsure where to drop off your useless junk, just look for a bin with the recycle logo! The image posted on the top left corner of this webpage is a great example, so go out and do everyone a favor; keep the environment clean and healthy!


For information regarding this Web site, recycling products, or sponsoring a recycling drive, please email: Lance Menor at